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Entrepreneurialist Culture Quotient (non-scientific)

This is an entrepreneurialist culture quotient test that is for entertainment purposes only. We have tried to deduce some simple tests that may tend to indicate whether you have a high ECQ or not, and this may give you some insight into your potential as an entrepreneur.

Over time as we collect more data and compare scores with successful entrepreneurs as measured, say, in the capitalization of their startups five years out, we can refine this test and perhaps remove the 'ns'.


1) Which would be a more satisfying work environment:

A large, established company
A 10 person start-up


2) If you went on vacation, would you:

Check in regularly to see how things are going
Relax and forget about business


3) In a new social setting, are you:

Very social
Somewhat social
Somewhat reserved
Very reserved


4) How important is a predictable level of income to you:

Not a Deciding Factor


5) Do you read assembly instructions, or "figure it out as you go"?

Read instructions in advance
Figure it out as I go
Call "Uncle Tony" or "Bob the Techie friend with pony tail" to put it together for you


6) If your pet project failed, would you:

Drop it and move on to the next thing you had in mind
Say: "Better luck next time"
You already had a fallback position thought out in advance
Redouble your efforts to go back and make it work


7) If you were given a puzzle with no picture to follow, would you:

Work on it until you figured it out
Try for a while, but give up if you don't meet with early success
Not attempt the puzzle


8) Prior to 18 years old, was your home environment:

Very stable
Somewhat stable


9) If you had no-one to report to at work, how many hours per week would you choose to work:

Less than 30
Whatever it takes to get the job done right


10) Do you have a pet(s)?



11) Do you prefer team sports/games or individual sports/games?

Prefer team sports/games
Prefer individual sports/games


12) What best describes your behaviour when you were a kid:

Collected and traded stuff like hockey cards and stamps
Liked to bet with my friends
Competed with my friends to see who was faster or stronger or smarter
Traded stories about each other and wanted to both receive and give a heads up about what was happening in and around school
Bailed out my friends when they got into trouble


13) Which sentence best describes you:

Once I find a store/restaurant/route to work, I stick with it
I am open to suggestions about alternate stores/restaurants/routes to work
I like to explore new stores/restaurants/routes to work


14) Which type of recreational activity appeals to you most:

Movies, TV
Model building, puzzles
Sports, games
Fooling around on the web


15) When you have what you believe is a good idea, does criticism:

Help you to change direction and do something else new knowing you'll live to fight another day
Easily discourage you
Cause you to give "sober second thought" to your idea
Leave you undeterred


16) Is there a history of entrepreneurship in your family?



17) If you found yourself in an unfamiliar city, would you be:

Interested in the challenge
Look for someone you knew
Walk around and see what happens
Rent a car and explore the city


18) Would you rather be superman/woman or the invisible man/woman?

Invisible Man/Invisible Woman


19) Check any and all or none of the following that you have done in the past three years or currently do:

Write (e.g., poetry, stories, songs)
Yes No

Yes No

Yes No

Play musical instruments
Yes No

Act or Dance
Yes No


20) Which do you prefer, sales or marketing?

I prefer making the sale
I prefer marketing the product or service


21) Do you have a support network, which you can discuss your ideas/ problems/ fears, with?

Yes, I have a support network so that I can verbalize ideas
No, I have no one to talk to about my ideas and plans


22) How would you best describe your view of T.V. commercials?

You hate them and you change the channel when they're on
Some are very entertaining
Boring but sometimes informative
They give you great ideas for gifts for your friends


23) What characteristic most closely reflects your thinking?

When something goes wrong at work, I always look in the mirror first to see if there is something I can do to fix it myself
When I need something done, I can rely on myself to get it done
I always try to help and coach the people around me do better when they make mistakes


24) When you have a half dozen problems to cope with, do you:

Juggle your time and try to keep all the balls in the air at the same time
Get to work right away on the ones you think you can solve now
Work on the most important or urgent one first
Address each problem in the order they first came to your attention

Final Score:

The ECQ(ns) test is scored out of 100. The highest possible score is 100 and the lowest possible score is 16.

Note: Students are asked not to use this test for any purpose other than entertainment.

Copyright. Dr. Bruce M. Firestone, Ottawa, Canada. 2001. Contributions by students Geoff Waddington, Gita Ravindra, John Watson, Nikhil Mahidhara, Richard Isaac.

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